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Parenting. As Erma Bombeck once put it, it's the second oldest profession! And while it does have its rewards, there are lot of frustrating moments along the way. And the goal of this website is to hopefully make those parenting challenges just a bit easier.

As a father of four children, I been through a lot of situations and have a bit of experience under my belt. And with the youngest and oldest child being exactly 25 years apart -- to the day -- I'm still quite active as a parent (the youngest was born in 2006). While the information on this website is based on my considerable experience, it still works today.

To celebrate the birth of my youngest child, I established this website shortly after she was born and dedicated it to providing tips, advice, and stories about my own parenting journey. As I write this, one of my adult children is thinking about pursuing a doctorate -- while the youngest is about to begin potty training -- so chances are good that I've seen just about anything that you, as a parent, can experience and probably have some ideas on how to handle it. Yes, I've "been there and done that" -- and I'm doing it again!

But I won't rest on my past accomplishments because my young children need their father just as much as their older siblings did (and still do). I've also decided that I'm going to combine what I learned "the first time around" with the patience and wisdom that age gives you so that I can be an even better father and parent for my younger children. Part of what you'll see on this website will be observations and results of this.

To get started, just click on a link to the right or left of this article (all links open in a new window, so all you have to do to return to this page is to close the window that you opened). I recommend that you check out a couple of the articles (most of them were submitted by others; those that were written by me will be clearly identified) or the blog, which is where I make regular updates.

I welcome you to and hope to hear from you. You can leave me feedback on any blog post, and I sincerely hope that you will. My goal is to make this the most useful and practical website for parents on the Internet, but I can't do that if I don't hear from you. I look forward to helping you as you work hard to be the best parent you possibly can.

For Our Childrens' Future,

P.S. -- I am not some kind of expert or "guru". I'm just another parent who has been doing this for a long time -- and is still doing it. My goal is not to tell you how you should be doing it. Instead, my goal is to simply show you what works for me and to give you ideas that might help you be a better parent. And the best thing I can suggest is that you make time EVERY DAY to spend with your children. And the best place to start is to give the most precious gift of all to your children -- yourself. It's a gift that they will need every day of their lives, so today is the best day to start. And only YOU can give them the gift of parenting.

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