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Five Years Old

Yesterday (April 12, 2008) was my son’s fifth birthday party. He officially turns five years old tomorrow, but it’s simply easier to let him think that his party day is his birthday!

Lots of things have happened during those five years. It simply amazes me how quickly children learn and grow during their childhood.

One of his gifts was a Brio builder set. It came with a bunch of wooden pieces, plastic connectors, and instructions on how to use the parts to build a fire truck and fire station. Other than a couple of times when he couldn’t quite get a piece lined up and pushed into place, he put it together himself by simply following the instructions.

This is the same child who was totally helpless just five short years ago?

Thankfully he’s also a very loving and very obedient boy. At the same time, he does have his own opinions about a lot of things, but he also knows that mom and dad are going to listen to him and give him the opportunity to have his say (this helps tremendously). He’s also an excellent big brother and really does have a sense of nurturing and protection.

So Happy Birthday to my big little boy. Or is it my little big boy (who just climbed up in my chair to give me a big kiss and a big hug…!).