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Celebrating Life

My son’s birthday isn’t for another two weeks, but we’ve decided to go ahead and have his birthday party today.

First, we’ll be traveling just before his birthday and won’t have time to properly prepare anything if we wait. Today is also my father’s birthday; he would have been 81 years old today had he not passed away exactly four years ago — today.

I somehow think it appropriate that we celebrate life and the birthday of a four year old boy today. My father was always optimistic, extremely grateful for everything he had in life, an incredible giver, and I seldom remember hearing him complain, even during the bad times. I think he’s extremely happy that we’ve chosen this day — the anniversary of his birth and passing on — to celebrate life.

And since Sammy will never be able to meet his grandfather “in the flesh”, it’s up to me to tell him about his grandfather. Beyond the pictures, the box full of letters he started sending me 30 years ago when I joined the Army at age 18, and a few videos we were able to make several years ago, the best way I know of to pass my father’s legacy to my son and daughters is to do my best to live as my father did. I’m extremely thankful that I have such a good legacy to pass on and hope that I’m always up to the task.

Gotta run — there’s a birthday party to prepare. And Happy Birthday to you, Dad. Sammy loves you.

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Proper Rest For Your Child

It’s spring here where I live (southern Germany, in case you were wondering). While we had a mild winter, the sun is starting to come out, the temperature is warming up, and we’ve switched to Daylight Savings Time and longer days. All of these combine to make it almost irresistible for my almost four year old son to want to play outdoors.

Thankfully, he’s a healthy boy and loves to play outdoors with the other children on our street. He also tends to wake up early and doesn’t like going to bed early. All of these combine to make him prone to becoming overly tired and a little less obedient and cooperative than normal.

It’s simply something that we, as parents, need to watch. He’s a good boy, but he still needs somebody to tell him when he’s reached his limits. That’s where mom and dad come in. He may not like it too much, but he also knows that mom and dad have his best interests in mind and are looking out for him.

So as the weather turns warmer in the Northern Hemisphere and the days get longer, keep an eye on your children to ensure that they get the rest that they need. And by all means, make sure that they get outside to play!

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New Feature: Article Directory now has an article directory. You can click here to get to the article directory.

There is also a link to the article directory in the right column.

Here’s how you can submit your articles:

1. Click here to manually submit an article.

2. You can purchase software that will automatically submit your software to my article directory, plus others, provided your article’s main topic and theme matches the topic and themes of my directory.

I’m not going to make a bunch of silly rules for the directory. Just remember that it is my site and I can, and will, delete articles that, in my sole opinion, detract from what I’m trying to do here. And if I were to read your article out loud to my tea-totaling, super-strict Baptist mother and she would, in turn, wash my mouth out with soap and a wire brush, it will get disapproved… Plus the children may be watching!

Oh, one more thing: click here if you want to get an article directory script for your own website(s) that can automatically grow while you sleep.

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New Theme For The Parenting25 Blog

I’ve changed the theme for this blog. Before, I was using the default WordPress theme named “Kubrick”. I decided to switch to this theme because the search engines seem to like it better, and since the main reason for this blog is to help parents by sharing the things I’ve learned over the years, scoring higher in the search engines will help them find it.

If you really want a good technical reason for why I switched it, you can read about the veryplaintxt theme and search engine optimization on one of my other blogs. It’s interesting reading, but it won’t do a whole lot to make you a better parent, so please come back here when you are done!

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Parenting For 25 Years… And Counting!

Why did I start this blog? Why did I choose the domain name of

My oldest daughter was born on June 4. My youngest daughter was also born on June 4 — exactly 25 years after her older sister.

Yup — I’ve been taking care of babies, in one form or another, for 25 years.

Do I have all of the answers? HA! And I advise you to stay away from anybody who claims that they do.

So what do I have to offer you? It’s simple; I can tell you what works for me, and if you have a question that you’d like to ask of somebody who has a bit of perspective on parenting, I think I qualify… just leave a comment to this blog.

Oh; trackbacks are turned on, so feel free to ask your question from your blog. If I pick it up and decide it’s worth talking about here, I’ll do so.


Parenting25 Is LIVE!

After a long absence, is back. All it took was a massive deletion and re-creation of the hosting account; nothing major…

Don’t worry; I haven’t “deleted” any of my children yet!

Want advice on how to raise your children? You won’t find any here. All you’ll get here is “what works for me” — the father of four children. The oldest is exactly 25 years older than the youngest (to the day!), hence the website title:

Do come back soon — and often. Hopefully something you read here will help you a bit as you raise your children.

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