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Fleeting Moments

Today is Sunday, July 22, 2007. It will be Monday, July 23, 2007 in 19 minutes.

I want to capture today while it is still Today.

It was one of those days that you can really only dream about. The weather was perfect; sunny, warm but not hot, a nice breeze that was strong enough to make you feel good without bothering you. There was even a very brief rainstorm around noon — just enough to take the edge off the midday heat.

The coffee was great this morning — better than usual. The baby hardly fussed at all today, and my four year old son spent a lot of the day in my basement office, playing with toys, testing batteries (I taught him how to use my voltmeter), sharpening pencils, and playing video games on his computer. His little sister got the usual “floor time” where she did the usual, showering me with little baby kisses and trying to take my pillows away from me. She also played the piano as she sat on my lap (I was trying to improve my ability to play by ear as I listened to my iPod) and insisted on trying to reprogram my cell phone — important things for a 13 month old girl.

We had a wonderful walk through the fields surrounding the small village where we live and we all enjoyed it. Our Golden Retriever especially enjoyed romping through the fields full of grain that is ready for harvest. She was even able to track down a brand new tennis ball with her nose when I accidentally threw it into the middle of one of those fields.

The children even slept a bit later than usual this morning, giving my wife and I the rare pleasure of spending some time together without the children. I think that almost any parent understands what I’m talking about, and having such moments — which are so vital to the prolonged success of any marriage — can be almost impossible to find. Today, however, was a blessed exception.

Coming home, while the urge to write was there (as always), I decided to put on a movie. For some reason, “Forrest Gump” jumped out at me. It’s been years since I last watched the movie and had completely forgotten about the ending — the one where he finds out that he has a son, Forrest Junior. It’s a movie of love and loss and deciding what really matters to you and how success sometimes happens in spite of circumstance. My own four year old son has been a bit under the weather lately and it only made me appreciate and love him all that much more. An incredibly encouraging end to a wonderful day.

Seven minutes to go, and as I read this, I’m not sure that my words are really able to capture how wonderful today has been. Yet something special happened today and I wanted to capture it in words, not only for myself, but in hopes that perhaps it might give you Hope. Good days do happen.

Tomorrow isn’t here yet — I still have four minutes! — and I’ll let tomorrow take care of itself. I still have three minutes of Today left — a wonderful Today — and I want to send them out in style.

Thanks for listening,

Recipes For Busy Parents

A colleague of mine who sells tools to people like me with lots of websites (!) has promised me a special set of recipes for busy parents like you and me. I’m hoping to have it within a few days and will post the link here on this blog once I get it.

This is a set of “quick and easy” recipes that will hopefully give you fresh ideas for food to serve to your family and children. My hope is that it will make this website just a bit better for you because my goal is to give you the best possible resource to help you as a parent.

So check back; I’m hoping to have the site ready for you by the end of this week.

Thanks for listening,