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Help Dr. Mani Help Children

I don’t normally like to make blatant cross-promotions for my blogs, but I will make an exception this time for a very important reason. An online friend of mine, Dr. Mani Sivaubramanian, is a pediatric cardiac surgeon who lives and works in Chennai, India. He has formed an organization that raises funds and performs low-cost life saving heart surgery on children whose parents could otherwise not afford it.

He’s going to be doing a 24 hour blog-a-thon this Saturday (September 15) to raise awareness (you can view the blog by clicking on this link). He has invited me to join him by doing my own mini blog-a-thon. It will be just four hours, though… and it will be from one of my other blogs.

You can read my “pre-post” about my mini blog-a-thon — and see the site where I’ll actually be doing the work — by clicking here.

To learn how you can help Dr. Mani save the lives of children — and bring joy and hope to parents who would otherwise experience only suffering and loss — click on the below graphic:

heart kids blogathon blog marathon

Thanks for listening,

Article Directory Apology

If you’ve visited the Article Directory lately, you probably noticed a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t have much to do with parenting. I sincerely apologize for this.

Somebody has been making automated posts to the submission page and spamming it with links for stuff that don’t belong on a family website. I’ve cleaned it up, will try to stay on top of it better, and am working on narrowing down the sources so that I can block it.

Spam is a serious issue and a threat to the Internet operating as it was intended to operate — as an open community where information could be shared and people could interact.

Thanks for understanding,

Article Directory Reminder!

Have you written an article on parenting, family life, or any topic that would be a good fit for this site? Have you always wanted to write such an article (and get your 15 minutes of fame!) but never knew where to post it?

I have an article directory here on and you are welcome to post your appropriate articles there. The only rules I have are that any posted articles need to be appropriate for this website (although I do interpret that quite loosely) and it has to pass the “Mother Test”, i.e. if my mother would wash my mouth out with soap after I read your article out loud to her, it’s gone!

So please: click on the “Article Directory” link (over to the right side of this post in the “Additional Resources” section) and give article writing a try! You’ll get your 15 minutes of fame (actually, a lot more than that once your article gets “approved”) and will make this site a much more valuable resource because people will have stuff to read that was written by somebody besides me…

Thanks for listening,

P.S. — If your article is relevant and I like it, I do allow links back to your website(s). For you marketers, this page is “only” a PR1 at the time, but if you take into account the amount of spam my Akismet filter is catching, it should be gaining soon!

Life Goes Forward

It’s been an interesting week here in southern Germany. In the space of just a few days I learned of the death of three people. One was the mother of a co-worker, the other a neighbor (an American) from down the street, and a third was a former co-worker whom I worked with on countless occasions.

Setting aside the obvious dangers of combat, it’s not often that death touches the members of a military community, especially when the community is tucked away in a major city in a safe country like Germany (and “Danke Schön” to our German hosts, who quite capably tracked and neutralized the most recent threat to Americans in Germany). Military people are, for the most part, very young and have very young families, and the energy you feel on a military base is incredible. I’m positive that it keeps me feeling young and healthy.

Thinking back over my 30+ years of association with the U.S. military — and my entire life, for that matter — I can’t really think of anything like this week ever happening before. The Bible says that man has an appointment with death, and of course that’s just fine — after all, who am I to argue with God? — but sometimes it would be nice to get the schedule a bit ahead of time. But that’s the problem; we will never get that schedule. Never. So it’s up to each of us to love and appreciate each blessing that comes our way every day.

As I pulled into the driveway this evening, my Golden Retriever practically jumped in the car when I got home, “demanding” that I give her something to carry into the house (my ball cap sufficed), my four year old son came running up to me for a hug and to tell me about his second day at his new pre-school, and my 15 month old daughter almost fell out of her mother’s arms as she lunged for me (and “mom” had a pretty nice hug, too). And as I write this, my son is demanding that I watch his every step as he plays a game on his computer (which, of course, was originally dad’s office server) and his sister keeps wanting a different video every 3 minutes (Jay Jay The Jet Plane is her current favorite) as she empties the contents of daddy’s pen holder all over the office floor.

So maybe I don’t get that schedule in advance. It doesn’t really matter because I do get it “just in time” — and the schedule for today says “LIVE”. Enjoy my children who are growing way too fast. Cherish their hugs, their love, their enthusiasm. Ensure that my dear wife knows that I appreciate every little thing she does to ensure that I have a successful career and a good chance at having a successful business.

No, today’s not my appointment with Eternity, so instead of wondering when it will be mine, I choose to live, love, and cherish every last blessing that God sends my way today. In fact, I think I’ll do the same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and the next… and when the day comes for my appointment, I just might do like Hezekiah did and ask for a few more years!

A few congrats are in order before I sign off:

First, happy birthday, big brother. Are you up to a game of basketball yet?

And congrats, David and Merry. Your agenda for tomorrow definitely says “LIVE!”. Enjoy life as you welcome your new son-in-law into the family.

Thanks for listening,