Monthly Archives: October 2007

Baby See, Baby Do

Maybe it’s the odd-ball selection of merchandise. Perhaps it’s ever-changing selection of merchandise on the shelves. And of course it’s the low prices…

But I like to spend a few minutes in second-hand stores whenever I get the opportunity to do so. My wife loves it even more. Thankfully, I haven’t come across a decent-sized military base yet that doesn’t have one, so we can indulge almost any time we want.

With winter fast approaching here in southern Germany, my wife picked up some snow boots for our 16 month old girl the other day. She also got a pair of those shoes that convert into roller skates at the push of a button for our 4.5 year old son.

My son wanted to put on his shoes later that evening, so he pulled them off the shelf and started putting them on. Much to my pleasant surprise, his little sister toddled over to the shoe shelf, took her new boots, and insisted on wearing them, too!

I hadn’t realized how much our little daughter looks up to, and admires, her big brother. Since big brother had his new shoes on, she had to have her new shoes on, too. While she definitely loves mommy and daddy, she simply adores her big brother (and, of course, the child-proof Golden Retriever!).

Since then, I’ve been doing my best to point out to big brother just how much he means to her. Thankfully he realizes this and takes his “responsibility” as a big brother quite seriously. In any case, as parents, older siblings, or even a “dog”, we need to remember that small children are watching us every day, mimicking our moves, absorbing “us” — and act appropriately.

So please: set a good example for those small children!

Thanks for listening,