Monthly Archives: January 2009

Theme Updated

OK. I’ve changed the theme to something that’s (hopefully) a bit nicer. I just wanted to make a quick post so that the previous post (where I talked about the “old” theme) wasn’t the one on top.

I’d love to hear your comments.

And if you’d like to compare the old theme to the new, here are two links that will make it easy:

  • Here’s a screen shot of the blog BEFORE the theme change (click here).
  • Here’s a screen shot of the blog AFTER the theme change (click here).

I still need to center the blog on the page. It shifts all the way to the left in my web browser (Firefox 3) and I don’t like that.


P.S. — We’ll soon get back to the children. Olivia is sick today with a stomach virus and the house just isn’t the same when she doesn’t display her usual energy levels.

Facelift Coming

I own several blogs. Some of them are for business and some are for fun. This one (which I don’t update nearly often enough) is one of my favorites. I want to start posting more stories here based on the blessing I have every day as a father who has small children again after 25 years.

As a token of my commitment, I’m going to be updating this blog. I’ll start by putting up a new theme on this blog (this one is kind of plain and, uh, “boring”, isn’t it?), and then I’ll work on adding some additional pages. The bottom line is that I want this website to be an encouragement for you, and sometimes plain old black and white just doesn’t cut it.

And neither does a lack of material.

I do ask one favor in return; if you notice that something has changed and you don’t like it or if it breaks something, please leave a comment to this blog post. Or if I broke it really bad, please submit a ticket at my Help Desk (which you can reach by clicking here). I do appreciate your help.

Thanks again,