Why (Not) Me?

The past couple of days have been less than optimal. Slow traffic, cantankerous computers, co-workers who want to talk about cars, movies, and other things that are of no interest to me, German bureaucracies that STILL can’t get me DSL (where’s your incredible world-leading technological supremacy, Germany? It sure hasn’t reached Bondork!), extra expenses…

Tonight, as I write this, I’m with my 20 month old daughter, Olivia, in my office. She’s sitting in her special chair and holding her stuffed dog (which looks remarkably like our Golden Retriever) while she watches “Baby Beethoven” (one of Disney’s “Baby Einstein” videos). It’s a special one; she only gets to watch it when she’s in Daddy’s office.

All I can think about is how none of this would be here were it not for how God brought Iveta and me together over 10 years ago. Why should I, of all people, be so blessed?

Then again, why not? My God is a God of infinte good. Why wouldn’t He want me, as someone He saved from infinite bad, to have infinite good?

I’m beginning to like working from my home office!

The other issues? They’ll go away eventually. Even the extra expenses; I came to the conclusion that these expenses are coming into my life only because I’m ready to take them on. Taking it farther, it means that if the cash isn’t on hand to meet these expenses, then I’m not providing enough in the way of value to manifest that cash. In other words, even those extra bills are my fault, so to speak.

So back to work — as soon as Olivia decides that she’s sleepy so I can start recording videos (besides, I like Beethoven, too!).

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