Determination, Toddler Style

Like most German neighborhoods, there’s a playground not too far from our house. To get there, you have to walk down a hill with a very gradual downslope for about 200 yards / meters. No big deal, right?

Unless you’re barely two years old and are riding one of those “walking trikes”.

By a “walking trike”, I mean a tricycle that has no pedals. You make it go by using your feet. That’s currently one of Olivia’s favorite toys, and as usual, she wanted to take it with her to the playground yesterday. She also wanted to ride it the whole way.

All was well until we got to the hill. What is a gentle slope for us becomes a challenge for a two year old on a walking trike! Sure enough, she got going too fast, rolled to the left, fell off the trike — and the trike landed on her. She wasn’t hurt, thankfully, but it did scare her.

All of this happened in an instant, and all I could do was react. I bent down, picked her up, and braced my ear for the expected scream. Sure enough, it came — but as soon as I started to comfort her, she suddenly said:

“I’m OK. I want down!”

And she said that between screams! Yes, this little toddler was DETERMINED to get back on that walking trike and finish the trip — and that’s exactly what she did.

Where did she get that? For sure, her mother and I are not quitters, but that’s really uncommon in somebody her age. Sure, she can be stubborn — what two year old isn’t at times? — but that’s not her nature. Perhaps she gets some of it from her older brother?

At any rate, I’m glad to see that quality in my “baby” (she told me yesterday that I can still call her that). And sometimes there’s a lot we adults can learn from a determined toddler!


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