The Disco Generation Gap?

OK, I admit it. I didn’t exactly fall in love with disco music back in the 70s. I graduated from high school in 1976 and therefore consider myself an expert on the topic…

In fact, whenever I see a television show or movie that was filmed in the 70s, I wonder why in the world we ever allowed ourselves to be seen in public dressed like that!

Being a bit older now, I can appreciate the energy and talent that went into making disco music (and even like a few of ’em, like “A Fifth of Beethoven”) — but still fondly remember the “Disco Sucks!” movement.

Well, my five year old son has no memory of the 70s, much less disco — but he does have a copy of the “Robots” movie. One of the extra features is the “Robot Dance”, and one of the options is a “Disco Lights” dance.

He loves it and just now told me that “Disco is cool!”

Now how in the world am I supposed to teach a child about the important things in life when he already has a positive disco experience?

All this experience as a parent and I’m losing it…


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