Things Left Unsaid

My wife and I were talking in the car as we drove home today about something that we do as parents that her parents never did. It would make an excellent topic to talk about here on this blog and an upcoming post will include at least part of that observation.

But you won’t see it addressed as “something our parents didn’t do”. I don’t think that writing in such a style truly honors our parents and it isn’t something that pleases God and brings us closer to others.

Nevertheless, as I’ve grown up and grown older, I’ve been in several situations that I did not like. In almost every case, I promised myself that if I could do things differently some day that I would do it. Of course, in some cases, the wisdom of age (or other reasons) dictates that we DON’T do those things differently, but in many cases, doing things differently is definitely in our best interests.

And we are doing some things much differently than the way that my parents or my wife’s parents would have done. In fact, I personally am doing a lot of things differently than I did back when my adult daughters were the age of my small children. There’s nothing wrong with this; in fact, if I didn’t change some things, there are those who would (rightfully) accuse me of insanity (which is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results)!

But I’m not about to compare and contrast my parenting with that of my parents, my in-laws, or (almost) anybody else. While I do have a lot of experience to offer and share, it is my hope that you see the value in these articles without my having to compare it to somebody who is still gaining experience and wisdom. Making myself look good at the expense of somebody else — especially those who gave 100% to raise me and make me the person I am — is tasteless.

So while I’ll talk about a lot of things, you won’t always know all of the details. Sometimes, for various reasons (respect and love being a big one), it’s best to leave some things unsaid.


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