Flushing, Brushing, And Pacifiers

A few of today’s challenges on the front lines of parenting:

* Teaching almost six year old son that you use the toilet brush AFTER you flush. At least he knows where it is…

* 2.75 year old daughter is being weaned from the pacifier. Just lots of gentle talking and encouraging, asking her to take the thing out of her mouth when she talks because Daddy doesn’t understand her… Things like that.

Of course, hiding the darn things works, too. She only remembers that she likes them when she sees them (well, she does remember at some other times but it’s rare), so out of sight, out of mind does seem to work here.

And lots of hugs and encouragement also works well.

Today’s blog post has been brought to you by the letter “G”, which is the letter that Son was working on in his Kindergarten lessons today.


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