New Feature: Article Directory now has an article directory. You can click here to get to the article directory.

There is also a link to the article directory in the right column.

Here’s how you can submit your articles:

1. Click here to manually submit an article.

2. You can purchase software that will automatically submit your software to my article directory, plus others, provided your article’s main topic and theme matches the topic and themes of my directory.

I’m not going to make a bunch of silly rules for the directory. Just remember that it is my site and I can, and will, delete articles that, in my sole opinion, detract from what I’m trying to do here. And if I were to read your article out loud to my tea-totaling, super-strict Baptist mother and she would, in turn, wash my mouth out with soap and a wire brush, it will get disapproved… Plus the children may be watching!

Oh, one more thing: click here if you want to get an article directory script for your own website(s) that can automatically grow while you sleep.

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