Celebrating Life

My son’s birthday isn’t for another two weeks, but we’ve decided to go ahead and have his birthday party today.

First, we’ll be traveling just before his birthday and won’t have time to properly prepare anything if we wait. Today is also my father’s birthday; he would have been 81 years old today had he not passed away exactly four years ago — today.

I somehow think it appropriate that we celebrate life and the birthday of a four year old boy today. My father was always optimistic, extremely grateful for everything he had in life, an incredible giver, and I seldom remember hearing him complain, even during the bad times. I think he’s extremely happy that we’ve chosen this day — the anniversary of his birth and passing on — to celebrate life.

And since Sammy will never be able to meet his grandfather “in the flesh”, it’s up to me to tell him about his grandfather. Beyond the pictures, the box full of letters he started sending me 30 years ago when I joined the Army at age 18, and a few videos we were able to make several years ago, the best way I know of to pass my father’s legacy to my son and daughters is to do my best to live as my father did. I’m extremely thankful that I have such a good legacy to pass on and hope that I’m always up to the task.

Gotta run — there’s a birthday party to prepare. And Happy Birthday to you, Dad. Sammy loves you.

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